"NIEM Saves Lives" is a justice and public safety industry collaboration focused on accelerating nationwide information sharing in support of critical programs such as the FBI's National Data Exchange (N-DEx) Initiative. The collaboration consists of both a unique, standards-based approach for information sharing and a related awareness campaign focused on raising industry's knowledge of key data sharing issues and a proposed solution for overcoming these issues.

Who's Involved

The following organizations are participants in this collaboration. Each organization is a leader in its respective application for capturing and managing justice and public safety records (such as law enforcement, court and prosecution data).

"Enforsys delivers smart solutions, built by police officers and top technical people," said William Plate, retired police chief and Enforsys Chief Operations Officer. "This collaborative approach allows us to focus on our strengths and, through the collaborative approach with Sypherlink"s tools and expert staff, to deliver solid, powerful solutions to our customers that are easy to use."

"New Dawn's customers - judges, prosecutors, clerks and parole and pretrial officers - rely on complete and accurate information to make critical decisions every day," said Thomas P. Higgins, President and CEO of New Dawn Technologies. "Sypherlink makes it easier for us to provide the best, most timely data to decision makers that administer justice in America's communities."

"This partnership helps us take our NIEM implementation to the next level," explained Manoj Goyal, Tiburon's Vice President of Products and Engineering. "At Tiburon, we have developed our own NIEM-conformant components. With this partnership, we add the ability to achieve connections to nationwide programs like N-DEx in a wholesale fashion. Sypherlink bolsters our NIEM offerings with a solution that demonstrates the economies of scale that a state-wide or national-level approach can achieve."

"This is a big win for the small- to medium-sized departments that make up the majority of police agencies in the US," said XPediter president Richard Ricasata. "This partnership program gets small and rural departments into the game on N-DEx and other information-sharing initiatives without breaking their budgets!"

The Critical Issue

It is a fact that, today, law enforcement agencies struggle to share and exchange information due to the technically complex, costly, laborious and mostly manual process required to do so. Because of this, only a small percentage of the 18,000 agencies across the US are able to share information. This lack of information sharing puts individual lives at risk. The DC-area sniper case is the perfect example of the negative impact caused by a lack of information sharing and agency interoperability.

Who Benefits

The partner collaboration will immediately benefit local agencies and state and federal information-sharing programs by providing a platform for sharing information more quickly, in less time, and with fewer resources. Participants can leverage both the National Information Exchange Model and Sypherlink's National Information Exchange Gateway as a NIEM-based data sharing platform for enabling:

  • NIEM-compliant access to leading justice and public safety information sources;
  • Faster data sharing program adoption;
  • Integration with existing and future user applications

How it Works

The collaboration promotes re-usability, flexibility and an "interface once...re-use many" principle for connecting disparate information sources. For example, a state which has not yet begun to connect local police data to the FBI's N-DEx program, could immediately connect to the agencies who are customers of the collaboration members. Before today, a state would have to work with each vendor, each police agency, individually. But now, Sypherlink's NIE Gateway collaboration puts hundreds of these agencies - literally - on the doorstep of participation in N-DEx. And, at the same time, it provides each police department with the tools to implement deeper information-sharing within their own communities and regions.

There is Strength in Numbers

This important industry collaboration currently supports access to data from more than 500 agencies nationwide, and will support access to more than a thousand agencies in the next 90 days through additional partnerships underway. To learn how your agency or organization can get involved to speed nationwide information sharing, contact us today.